Chiropractic Side Effects in NYC

Many of my patients in New York City ask me if there are side effects to chiropractic care.  There are many but surprisingly they are not the kind of side effects you might think of.

Most people when they hear “side effects” think of something negative, a draw back if you will to the treatment they are seeking.  Because Chiropractic Care in NYC is a natural, healthy method the side effects are additional benefits.

You may enjoy increased health, less illnesses, increased activities, better moods, less injuries, better sleep and for some better cognition.  Some of these benefits may be due to the relief of pain and the reduction of inflammatory chemicals in the body but MY New York City patients enjoy an all around healthier lifestyle as a result of being under proper chiropractic care.

Special thanks to  to Dr. Wade Anunson for the picture via Facebook.

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